Vancouver Real Estate Marketing

Our Purpose

“The purpose of our Vancouver Real Estate marketing system is to get your Vancouver West Side or Downtown Vancouver home as pre-qualified as possible to its specific buying demographic, as quickly as possible. We achieve this through the most focused delivery of key medias highlighting the advantages, features & benefits your Vancouver home has to offer. This allows the buyer to become intimately knowledgable of your property before they walk through the front door.”

We have experienced that this approach helps speed up the selling process, by creating the most focused, educated & qualified buyers.

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Direct Web:

At our online Luxury Home Marketing package exposes your piece of West Side or Downtown Vancouver Real Estate through a variety of online medias directly to searching Home Buyers. Through the online package above we provide the exposure of the following medias:

– HD Video Tours
– HD Video Walk-through
– 3-Dimensional Floor Plan
– Measurement specific Floor Plan
– High Rez Professional Photography
– Blog posting & updates keeping your property relevant

Jay – My West Side & downtown Vancouver listings, sales and marketing activity. – Focuses on Crosstown Vancouver buildings, listings & neighbourhood. – Focuses on 833 Homer Street listings, floor plans & building details.
MLS/Realtor.caMLS / – is the largest Vancouver based property search engine.
Macdonald Realty Luxury Listings – 200,000 monthly page views. – 3.6 million monthly International page views
Luxury Portfolio – 100,000 monthly International page views.
WallStreetJournalWall Street Journal Online – 5.5 million Monthly International Page Views. – 1.3 million monthly page views internationally. – 100,000 Monthly China / Hong Kong Page Views. – 160,000 monthly focused Chinese page views.
rew.caReal Estate Weekly Online – 490,000 monthly page views.

Some of the additional media sources we have gotten prior listings exposure on:
CTV News
Global News
Jack FM (96.9FM)
The Peak (102.7FM)
The Province (print + web)
Ming Pao Daily News (web)
Macdonald Realty Luxury Homes Magazine


Facebook – All listings & blog posts are updated through FACEBOOK, private & business pages.

Twitter – Tweeting about Open House schedules, listing details, building details & the neighbourhood.

Craigslist – Posting Listing feature sheet details to attract buyers looking themselves with no agent.

Foursquare – Checking in while in certain Vancouver neighbourhoods doing showings & open houses.

Youtube – All video tours of your unit, building & important neighbourhood videos posted.

Google Adwords – Campaigns promoting your unit, building & neighbourhood to focused search groups.

Instagram – Daily image updates of your property features & benefits, building info & neighbourhood.

Pinterest – Visual showcasing of your property through this very popular image channel.

Linked In – Vancouver property info, photos & video updates to my professional network.

My social realm has a reach of over 3900 followers & contacts. These contacts have requested to be added to my variety of networks in efforts to follow my market updates & current listings in West Side and downtown Vancouver. In “new media” this is a very personal & “real time” way for potential buyers to keep themselves informed about your downtown Vancouver property, your building & your neighbourhood. The goal of putting all of this detail out there is again to pre-qualify the potential buyer with as much information as possible before booking a showing.


Video beginning with an outdoor shot of the downtown Vancouver condo building
Video Screen Shot (4296 Quesnel Drive)
Video beginning with an outdoor shot of the downtown Vancouver condo building
Video Screen Shot (3407-1111 Alberni Street)
Video of vancouver contemporary house on the west side
Video Screen Shot (3608 Quesnel Drive)
Video tour of PH2802-550 Taylor Street crosstown vancouver
Video Screen Shot (PH2802 – 550 Taylor Street)

My YOUTUBE channel ( has over 300 videos & over 415,000 “Total Upload Views” & over 900 subscribers. Marketing packages from offer 2 videos of your downtown Vancouver or West Side home, this has proven to give us the best results. Professional Video Open House:

Crisp & highly edited video tour of your home, highlighting all of the key features your home has to offer. Freelance Video Walk-Through:

This video offers the best perspective on the “flow” of actually living in your home & how the floor plan all comes together. We find that Video Tours offer potential buyers the best level of clarity & pre-qualification during their search. This allows Home Buyers to feel much more intimate with your Home as if they have already walked the halls, before ever entering. This media gives potential Buyers the perspective of the actual space, on a much clearer level than just pictures and a Floor Plan.

Hard Branding:

A flyer with a photo of Jay McInnes, a Vancouver realtor with photos of various buildings that have been sold by a Vancouver real estate marketing companyJust Listed Flyer (front) – Crystal Clear Visual of the property
Flyer for Vancouver West Side Modern House MarketingJust Listed Flyer (Back) – specific info regarding the property & what it has to offer
A 3D floor plan of a Vancouver Modern House3D Floor Plan
A black and white floor plan of a Vancouver Modern HouseTypical Floor Plan
3608 Quesnel Dr Listing Flyer.
Listing Feature Sheet (exterior)
3608 Quesnel Dr Listing Flyer.
Listing Feature Sheet (interior)

All Hard Branding pieces are created with the highest caliber photography, creative design & paper to maximize this point of contact to potential buyers. We look at Hard Branding as an integral part of our Vancouver Real Estate Marketing System as it is physically kept by every potential buyer. This is their tangible point of reference. Reminding them of their experience & for them to take away feeling clear about the home and what it has to offer them.

Soft Branding:

Macdonald Realty Office Tours in Vancouver
– This is an exclusive tour for Macdonald Realty agents. This is an opportunity to put your home in front of pre-qualified agents to preview for potential clients.

Agents Open Houses
– Once a week there is a spacific day & time (depending on the neighbourhood) exclusively for agents to view properties. This attracts agents to pre-qualify property for potential clients.

Private Showings of Downtown Vancouver and West Side listings
– This is a privately hosted showing to cater to a potential Buyer interested in having a closer & more intimate look at the home.

Public Open Houses in Vancouver
– This is perfect for potential Buyers to come & visit the home personally as a last stage of pre-qualification before making a decision.


These “Soft Branding” techniques offer two key levels of exposure:

1) Where agents can get a feel for & pre-qualify the home for their searching buyers.

2) Where potential Buyers can get in and get a real feel for your property, confirming that it is somewhere they can see themselves living or investing.

The point of all the other Medias offered in our package is to get the potential Buyer to this point, into the home to see / feel what it has to offer.

Marketing Costs:

Real Estate commission:

The rate of commission I charge is 7% on the first $100,000 & 2.5% on the balance of the SALE PRICE of your downtown Vancouver property.

From that I offer an Industry Average “Buyers Agent” commission of 3.255% on the first $100,000 & 1.1625% on the balance to any agent bringing a successful purchaser to the listing.

Note: 5% GST is applied to all commissions when selling a property in B.C.



Sale Price: $1,000,000

– 7% / 2.5% ($29,500) + GST ($1,475 ) = $30,975

– Notary Public $500

= $968,525 (proceeds of sale)

Selllng Costs:

Legal fees:

When dealing with the legalities of a Real Estate transaction, you have the choice of using a Notary Public or a Lawyer. The fees charged by each will cover (execution of documents, costs of clearing title etc). These fees charged by either will range, however I have noted the average costs of each below:

Notary Public:

$450 – $550


$900 – $1200

Mortgage pre-payment penalties: This is a fee that may be charged by your Bank / Credit union (Financial Institution) to discharge your current mortgage on the subject property (end it early).

Capital Gains Tax:

Currently 50% of achieved capital gains on Real Estate sales are taxed in Canada at your individuals tax rate. Some exceptions apply, such as selling a primary residence which may be fully exempt from taxation. For example, if your capital gains (profit) is $100,000, you’re only taxed on 50% ($50,000) at your marginal tax rate.


Disclaimer: The information provided here in “Selling Costs” is intended to be as accurate and current as possible; however, readers should always consult with their Lawyers/Notary’s and Mortgage Brokers to ensure that there have been no recent legal modifications and to confirm that they meet all of the requirements for qualification.