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Amazing Loft in Vancouver $200K Above Buyer’s Mark but Look at this Space

Posted on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 at 7:23 pm - Downtown Vancouver Condos For Sale | No Comments

869 Beatty Street (The Hooper Building) is a great refurbished loft in Vancouver at the edge of Downtown.

Hooper Building Front Entrance:

869 Beatty street, the Hooper building. Tons of exposed brick and concrete in the entry way. The wood on the extra high over height ceilings in cedar beams. Just a little tour of the lobby, the exposed brick runs the entire wall and fronted glass out into the lane. You have exposed cedar beams right through up the stairway here, quite industrial looking. This is very nice attention to detail when they redid these units in 2006 / 2007.

1300 SqFt masterpiece loft in Vancouver!

I am here at the Hooper building looking at a 1350 sqft one bedroom loft. We are at 869 Beatty street. This is a one bed two bath loft space. This is the closet space & washer & dryer at the front of the loft here. As walking into this unit you see the huge over-height living / dining area. So again 1355 sqft with lots of light on this East facing wall. Fireplace here and steps upstairs and a lot of stuff about to moved out of the unit. But this gives you an idea of how massive this space really is. You have three huge opening windows pout front that open out onto Beatty street there. As we come over here into the kitchen. Very nice detail done in here with the stone on the walls, all stainless appliances, lots of cabinet space is very nice. Back through the Living area here as we go upstairs to the Bedroom and the second Bathroom. Again tones of closet space with an open Bathroom right here. No bed at the moment. Bathtub, vanity, shower and toilet in the small room there. A little closet of to the side. As you can see, a very, very open concept loft in the building here. As we come down stairs you can look out onto Cambie street up to the stadium and down past Smithe street. If you have any questions about the Hooper building here at 869 Beatty street please don’t hesitate to call me.

The Hooper Building Common Roof-Top Patio:

Now on the roof top patio of the Hooper building as you can see some green, chairs, a BBQ, another little dining area. All these gates go to private patios and the same thing on the other side and this is the common patio that we are on. You look down onto Smithe street here. Cambie street bridge, and a little bit of water right through there. Perfect day to be enjoying but no one is here unfortunately. Either way a very nice patio and its not to loud up here either.

This unique product for this area attracts a lot of attention when anything becomes available in the building as it is very unique with a dominant heritage feel. The only drawback to these units is that there is no on-site parking available. But you can rent secure parking across the street for $160/month. Similar situation to a lot of products in Gastown so nothing we have not seen before or have been willing to sacrifice for a one of a kind heritage loft in Vancouver!

For any further info on The Hooper Building shown in these videos please touch base at / 604 771 4606

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